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Rainbow run
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Onaero Sunset
te rewa rewa bridge

Chris Lord Photography

Being a photographer has been said to be one of my ultimate dream job. Over the years I have spent my time going to beautiful places, photographing people from all walks of life.  I'm constantly looking for ways to get better at what I do and achieve the one thing in life, that one thing is to have happy clients. Please browse through examples of my work.  With either my Nikon in hand or whilst flying my quad copter I can capture the images that you require.  

Event & Sport photography is a passion of mine and You will find that I cover a wide range from fun runs to and everything in between.  All the photographs that I take at events are available to purchase.  The purchased images will be high resolution and without my logo, once purchased the images can be printed. 

My services include (and not limited to):

Please contact me for a free no obligation quote or if you would like some more information.